DejaJoelle's Story

Deja is a master of her life and the reaper of the consequences sown by her choices. As a child, Deja was very close to her father and unfortunately lost him to sickle cell anemia. In her teenage years, Deja was a victim of sexual exploitation followed by extremely codependent relationships. It wasn’t until adulthood when Deja began to realize, she had been searching for her father ever since; allowing certain behaviors to become prevalent in her life and accepting less than she deserved. After looking over her past hurt/traumas, Deja came to understand she was repeating the same lessons over and over and never reconciled with herself.

Photo By: Za'Nia Coleman

Photo By: Za'Nia Coleman

About five years ago Deja decided it was time for some radical healing, Deja has always been an artist, dance as her primary source of energy. She realized after all the searching, the answers lie within herself.  Deja is the founder and Artistic Director of the dance company BLAQ. BLAQ doesn't believe in "performance" and in turn, has replaced the word with "observance". The mission of BLAQ is to create change and healing in themselves and well as the world. Deja is currently developing the "BLAQ Dance Aesthetic", which is a dance process rooted in Traditional West African Dance and Black culture to evoke Self - Love, Healing, and Body reclamation; centering Black Women who have survived sexual exploitation/manipulation. 

Using dance, affirmations, meditation, and other practices, Deja ritualized Self - Love every day and led herself back to herself, reclaiming her body and love. In February 2019, Deja launched BLAQ Love, sharing her healing journey and Self- Love techniques with others in her community. Deja does not claim to be a therapist or psychologist of any sort but believes that her experiences are not isolated. Deja’s mission is to make Self - Love and healing a more accessible concept in communities of color as well as “disabled” communities. Currently, she is developing a movement aesthetic to be circulated across communities and generations to evoke healing. Deja is determined to end the cycles of unhealed traumas and the idea that life happens TO you. But in fact, it is in RESPONSE TO you and FOR you.

We are Limitless.

Photo By: Za'Nia Coleman


What I Do

BLAQ Dance Aesthetic

DejaJoelle has trained with Master Dancers from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal West Africa as well as extensive dance experience in her hometown of MN.

With this knowledge, DejaJoelle is developing the BLAQ Dance Aesthetic and uses this to teach her dance process and approach to movement; which she feels is pivotal when healing.

BLAQ Love Techniques

During her times of Self - Loathing, and depression, DejaJoelle developed specific Self - Love techniques and exercises to guide herself and others back to their higher, true selves. Some techniques include mindfulness, guided meditations, Intimacy Discovery and reflection processes.



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